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updated: Jan 02 , 2023

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White House Commitment to “Getting Shots in Arms”

source: WhiteHouse

Something doesn’t add up: UK Govt Stats vs BBC Reporting

source: CoronaCases

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Israel: Dose #4 & Case Explosion

source: riotimesonline.com

Denmark Lifts Final Restrictions

source: riotimesonline.com

source: americasfrontlinedoctors.org

Record Protests in Germany

source: riotimesonline.com

source: riotimesonline.com

Austrian Police Against Mandates

source: riotimesonline.com

Myocarditis Tops VAERS for Kids

source: childrenshealthdefense.org

source: childrenshealthdefense.org

Analysis: VAERS by Lot

source: Mike Yeadon

source: Lawyer Dipali Ohja

SA Eases Testing & Tracing

source: Jonathan Witt

source: Lawyer Anna de Buisseret

Legal Opinion: Vaccine Crimes

source: Lawyer Bahner