German Vaccine Mandate Hearings

March 2022, the German Bundestag started hearings to decide on a nationwide covid injection mandate

The following are testimonies which present evidence against the covid injections mandates.

While most speakers during this “impartial” & “democratic” hearing are pro-injection mandate –as this is the stated intention of the current government — the evidence presented against the government is nevertheless overwhelming, showing the injections to be dangerous & the disease to be less – not to mention a clear violation of German & International Law & Human Rights

Testimony of Tom Lausen (Informatiker)

Tom Lausen has reviewed extensive data on 2 questions: “Systemic overburdening of the health care system” &”Under-reporting of vaccination side effects”.


Testimony of KRiStA- Network of Critical Judges & Prosecutors n.e.V

Incompatibility of compulsory vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines with the Basic Law as well as with binding international law



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