Covid Death Miscount Case

Re: the Legality & Accuracy of the Covid Death Statistics via the PCR test


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Facts of the Case

  • Dates: May 19 2021
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Court: Tribunal Administrative de Circulo de Lisboa
  • Case #: 525/21.4BELSB
  • Plaintiff:
  • Defendant: The State
  • Trial Type:
  • Judge: Pedro Moreira
  • Status: End
  • Verdict: For The Plaintiff



A citizen requested the Lisbon Court to verify the Covid Mortality data. (1)



This case puts into question the accuracy & veracity of the covid mortality numbers. The importance of this matter cannot be understated as the number of deaths (or who died of what exactly) is the very definition of an epidemic and the subsequent “case” numbers are the only justification for unprecedented measures such as lockdowns, mask wearing, injections of experimental vaccines, track and trace programs, loss of employment, loss of education, freedom of the press, self expression, protest and much more. The new covid passports have also turned our rights into privileges on the fear and assumption that a person “may” be sick due to the results of a test.


Plaintiff’s Argument

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Defendant’s Argument

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The court found that more than 99% of reported Covid Deaths were falsely attributed (1)

“If these figures are of the same order of magnitude for other countries as well, and there is no reason to assume otherwise, then the plague is a deception of unprecedented proportions and crimes committed against humanity on a huge scale have been committed here.” (1)

According to the ruling, the number of verified COVID-19 deaths from January 2020 to April 2021 is only 152, not about 17,000 as claimed by government ministries. All the “others” died for various reasons, although their PCR test was positive. (1)

“The data are from the Sistema de Informação dos Certificados de Óbito (Death Certificate Information System – SICO), the only such system in Portugal. The reference to 152 death certificated issued ‘under Justice Ministry supervision’ is spurious, as all death certificates are issued under Justice Ministry auspices, being the only institution that issues them. (2)

“All those responsible for handling data from ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ can, thereafter, only be tried for the crime if there is any dignity remaining in the rule of law,” the judge continued. (1)



Portugal seems to have ignored this ruling and continues to use the PCR test


Further Research

Read the original court ruling here:



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  1. 152 mortes de covid em Portugal desde janeiro 2020
  2. AFLDS Lisbon Court Rules



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