Weimar School Mask Case 2: Karlsruhe

Re: Legality & Health of Masks for Children in Schools


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Facts of the Case

  • Dates: May 2021
  • Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Court: Karlsruhe Higher Court – Family Matters
  • Case #: AZ 20 WF 70/21
  • Plaintiff: Mother

  • Defendant: School
  • Trial Type: Expedited
  • Judge: Christiaan Dettmar
  • Status: Completed
  • Verdict: For the Plaintiff



from 2020news.de:

A mother lodged a complaint that “the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of her children was endangered at a school in Pforzheim because of the school’s internal order of Corona measures. The mother had argued that the subject matter of the proceedings was a matter of personal welfare for which the family court alone was competent. The judge at the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court – Senate for Family Matters – followed the mother’s legal opinion and overturned the decision of the Pforzheim Family Court: the Family Court was the court responsible for assessing a possible risk to the welfare of the child, it could not simply transfer the task assigned to it by law to the Administrative Court.”



This Ruling supports a similar case in Weimar, where the judge also considered masks and by extension PCR tests and lockdowns in general unconstitutional, unscientific and unreasonable


Plaintiff’s Argument

…More information is needed…


Defendant’s Argument

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  • The Court ruled in favor of the mother
  • …More information is needed…



  • …More information is needed…
  • The Karlsruhe court ruling supports a similar Weimar Ruling Weimar School Mask Trial (Apr 8 2021) that was not upheld and overturned by the Weimar State Courts.
  • The Judge from the Weimar ruling was also subsequently

“accused of perverting the course of justice by the Erfurt public prosecutor and in the media. On the basis of the accusation of perverting the course of justice, a house search was carried out in the judge’s office, car and private premises, and his mobile phone and laptop were confiscated and mirrored. The prosecutor’s action against Judge Dettmar has now, at the latest with the decision from Karlsruhe, been put to rest. His defense lawyer, Dr. Gerhard Strate, had already publicly stated that he could not see any legal basis for criminal proceedings against the judge.”


Further Research

  • Read the original court ruling here:
  • Read the English translation of the original court ruling here:
  • [http://enformtk.u-aizu.ac.jp/howard/karlsruhe_verdict/]





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