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Re: The unscientific nature of virology & the danger of that when making policy



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Dr Stefan Lanka Langenargen 5.10.2021

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn Friedrichstraße 108

10117 Berlin

Urgent need for action on SARS-CoV-2 and compulsory measles vaccination

Dear Mr Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health,

You are the main person responsible in Germany for establishing the legal Corona/Covid measures and the measles vaccination obligation. The Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz, IfSG) interferes with several otherwise inalienable fundamental rights. For example, the right to life, physical integrity and freedom according to the Basic Law (GG) Article 2 (2): “Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity. The freedom of the person is inviolable. These rights may only be interfered with on the basis of a law.”

Section 1 (2) IfSG requires all those involved with the examination, planning and implementation of corona/covid measures and compulsory measles vaccination to “design and support those in accordance with the respective state of medical and epidemiological science and technology.”

They have failed to check or have checked the statements of virology about the claims of the existence of an alleged new SARS-CoV-2 and a measles virus for scientificity, compliance with the rules of scientific work. These rules of scientific work, in order to be allowed to call statements scientific, have been fixed in writing since 1998, are international and valid for all disciplines. These rules are part of the employment contracts of scientists who use taxpayers’ money.

These rules of scientific work are obviously violated by virology. The prescribed control tests to exclude errors and self-deception have never been carried out and published.

This easily verifiable fact proves that the statements of virologists are not scientific, but must be described as anti-scientific. Since the basis of our democracy is science in essential areas, this anti-scientific behaviour of virology must be called anti-democratic and unconstitutional in your responsibility. I refer here to Article GG 5 (3): “Art and science, research and teaching are free. The freedom of teaching does not release from loyalty to the constitution.” Teaching is what you and others pass off in public as scientific facts.

The logical conclusion is that the requirement by the IfSG to effectively interfere with fundamental rights is not met. Since the scientificity is not given, which the IfSG demands in § 1 (2), but which has so far been tacitly, recklessly to grossly negligently assumed or asserted against better knowledge, all subsequent paragraphs of the IfSG are ineffective and not binding.

This means that all Corona/Covid measures and the measles vaccination obligation have no legal force, but are unlawful, i.e. illegal. I point out to you that I have already personally pointed out these and other relevant facts to you on 17.3.2020 and subsequently.

Based on these easily recognizable and verifiable facts, I call upon you to immediately withdraw all Corona/Covid measures and the compulsory measles vaccination, to call the responsible national, international virologists, other “scientists” involved to account and to take responsibility for what has happened.

Due to the fact of the lack of control experiments in virology since 1954 and the fact of a purely mathematical construction of the so-called gene sequence of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 and/or due to the legally binding judgement of the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court (OLG Stgt) of 16.2.2016, AZ: 12 U 63/15, in the so-called measles virus trial, the following applies:

With this finding of fact, the legal force of all Corona/Covid measures and that of the measles vaccination obligation ceases to apply immediately, even individually.

I point out that extensive “other remedies” to which Article 20 (4) GG calls for have not been successful so far.

Comments on:

From reading this and all other publications confirming the sequence strand once given, three facts clearly emerge:

1. a hereditary strand that would correspond to the published sequence listing has never been detected. No genetic strand of a virus was found in the mixture of nucleic acids obtained from a human with pneumonia (and later from other humans). Even after the first round of artificial, extremely strong and non-specific propagation by PCR technique of millions of short fragments of nucleic acids, no sequences were ever discovered that, when put together, would give the sequence sequence of a virus’ genome strand finally presented to the public.

2. using the sequence data generated in the first round of nucleic acid propagation, short pieces of nucleic acids are biochemically generated for the propagation of nucleic acids by PCR, so-called primers. Depending on the protocol, these artificially generated primers themselves yield approx. 4-20% of the sequence sequence of what is ultimately presented as the sequence sequence of SARS-CoV-2 after this second step of PCR propagation. This second PCR amplification process for the subsequent mathematical, so-called bioinformatic formation of the sequence sequence is called deep meta-transcriptomic sequencing, among other things. The fact that an extremely unscientific high number of cycles of PCR is used here (35-45, so-called Ct value), in which artificial nucleic acid sequences are automatically generated that do not exist in reality, is further proof of the anti-scientific nature of virology, but plays no role in the argumentation presented here.

It follows from points 1. and 2. that no genetic strand of a virus has ever been found. Instead, existing fragments of nucleic acids were first multiplied biochemically, by means of double PCR, strongly and with an extremely high error rate. The sequence sequences of these millions of artificially produced nucleic acids were determined, then mathematically subdivided into much shorter sequence sequences and combined with each other as desired. From the multitude of these arbitrary combination products, special software programmes are used to select those that match a nucleic acid once it has been specified. The resulting mathematical construct is output as the genetic strand of a virus.

This proves that it has never been possible to mathematically construct the alleged hereditary strand of the alleged virus from sequences of nucleic acids that actually exist. The mathematical construction of the alleged genetic strand of the alleged SARS-Cov-2 succeeds only after two rounds of unspecific and extreme propagation by PCR technique.

The anti-scientific nature of all virologists involved is proven by the fact that in the publication by Prof. Yong-Zhen Zhang from Shanghai, who together with his co-workers discovered and specified the alleged sequence of the viral genome of the alleged SARS-CoV-2, the mandatory control experiments are missing and this conspicuous omission was and is tolerated. The compulsory control experiments here are the attempt to construct the sequence of a hereditary strand of claimed or suspected new viruses using nucleic acids from healthy humans and a wide variety of organisms. They are the prerequisite for being allowed to call a statement scientific. They also have the task of recognising and avoiding misinterpretations.

In none of the subsequent publications, with which the sequence given by Prof. Yong-Zhen Zhang was repeated, are there any control attempts, even the words “control” or “negative control” are missing. Not only have the virologists disproved themselves with their actions, they themselves have proven their anti-scientific nature and documented it in each of their numerous publications.

II. judgement OLG Stuttgart, AZ: 12 U 63/15, 16.2.2016 in the measles virus trial

The measles virus trial, initiated by me in 2011, achieved the goal in 2017 of generating legally effective proof that all virology, not just measles virology, acts anti-scientifically. Since 2017, it has been part of German jurisprudence that all virology lacks a scientific basis. Within the measles virus trial, it has been documented that the mandatory control experiments required by science have never been carried out and documented since 1954. Therefore, all virologists involved have overlooked the fact that they themselves produce effects which they interpret as viral by means of applied techniques. Thus, as exemplified by SARS-Cov-2, typical bio-molecules are mentally assembled into virus models that do not exist in reality.

In the lawsuit, a medical doctor claimed the €100,000 prize money offered for scientific proof of the measles virus. His claim was upheld in 2014 because he submitted six publications, each claiming to prove the existence of the measles virus. The forensic expert appointed by the court of first instance, the cognisant court, the Ravensburg Regional Court, found that none of the publications submitted contained proof of the existence of a virus. This fact was confirmed by the Higher Regional Court of Stgt in its judgment of 16 February 2016, which became final in 2017 and by which I was acquitted of having to pay the plaintiff the suspended €100,000.

In the minutes of the hearing of the Ravensburg Regional Court of 12.3.2015, AZ: 4 O 346/13, it is documented that the court-appointed expert states that none of the six publications contains the control tests prescribed in science, which are also referred to as negative controls. Thus, the court-appointed expert has proven – which was also confirmed by four other expert opinions that I submitted – that the entire field of virology is acting anti-scientifically. The logical conclusion: all statements of virology are neither practically nor legally usable, but must be rejected as self-deception and deception of others.

In addition, the oldest of the six publications that was submitted and which was judicially determined to contain no proof of the existence of a virus has become the exclusive basis of all virology since 1954. This means that with the final judgement of the OLG Stgt of 16.2.2016, the entire virology, which claims the existence of disease-causing viruses, is deprived of its scientific and legal basis.

The details of this can be found in my article “The Federal Court of Justice lets the belief in viruses perish” in the magazine w+ 2/2017, which since 17.3.2020 in your files and can be found freely on the internet, on my page under “Important texts”.

As a human being, I ask you,

as an active scientist, virologist with a doctorate and discoverer of a useful structure now called “giant viruses” and “viro-plankton”, I ask you,

as a citizen and sovereign of the FRG, I demand of you, as my public servant,

that you immediately withdraw the Corona/Covid measures and the compulsory measles vaccination.

I expect you to admit your omissions to the population and to cooperate in repairing the damage caused to the body and soul of the population and the economy by the unjustifiable Corona/Covid measures and by the compulsory measles vaccination.

Yours sincerely from Lake Constance

Dr Stefan Lanka

Langenargen, 5.10.2021


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