mRNA Injury Case

Re: The Legality of 1) Authorisation of Covid Vaccines by Swissmedic & 2) Vaccination by Swiss doctors of substances for which Safety was Unknown


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Facts of the Case

  • Dates: July 14, 2022 (filed)
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Court: TBD
  • Case #: TBD
  • Plaintiff: 6 Injection Victims
  • Plaintiff’s Lawyer: Philipp Kruse
  • Defendant: 3 individuals at Swissmedic, 5 vaccinating doctors at Univ. Hospital Bern
  • Trial Type: criminal complaint
  • Judge: TBD
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Verdict: TBD

*updated Nov 16, 2022



This case involves a criminal complaint made by Swiss lawyer Philipp Kruse on behalf of six people who were injured after taking the m-RNA vaccines. Kruse and his colleagues are not only initiating an action against the drugs regulator, Swissmedic but also against doctors who vaccinated these people knowing that the products were not properly tested.

The complaint was filed in July 2022 and the public announcement of this case made on Nov 14 2022 with a press conference held that same day. At the conference Kruse was supported by 3 vaccine victims telling their stories, 5 medical experts and 2 other lawyers, one of these being a former cantonal public prosecutor.



This case may be the first in Europe to be prosecuted relating to the Covid injections and where a national medicines regulator stands accused of criminal negligence in allowing products to be marketed which are demonstrably causing injuries and deaths on a massive scale.


Plaintiff’s Argument

Against Swissmedic

Lawyer Kruse states (1,2):

37 complainants and six private claimants directly harmed by mRNA «vaccinations» (all of whom are specified in the recitals) are filing the present criminal claim to protect their own health and out of legitimate concern for the health of their fellow human beings.

What we are dealing with here is the greatest threat to human health caused by medicinal products and the greatest injury to human health that Switzerland has ever seen: The authorization and administration of the largely ineffective mRNA «vaccines» represent a far greater danger than the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen against which these «vaccines» are supposed to provide protection.

Swissmedic is primarily responsible for this threat: By law, it has the central function of protecting the health of the Swiss population. To this end, it must ensure, on the one hand, that only high quality, safe, and effective therapeutic products are placed on the market. On the other hand, it must protect consumers of therapeutic products against fraud (Art. 1 TPA). The notifying parties acting on behalf of Swissmedic failed to comply with these guarantee obligations on several occasions and to a significant extent, which is why they have been under strong suspicion, since December 2020 and up to the present day,

• of having repeatedly violated the due diligence obligations under therapeutic product law (Art. 86(1a) TPA, in conjunction with. Art. 3 TPA [general due diligence] and Art. 7 TPA [due diligence requirement of the manufacturer]) in the course of marketing authorization and batch testing which, according to federal court rulings, is deemed to be manufacturing, in that

• they granted «temporary» authorization for the mRNA «vaccines» within the meaning of Art. 9a TPA despite the lack of sufficient evidence of efficacy and safety and despite massive risk signals,

• they massively undercut the already very low safety precautions that are decisive for the procedure according to Art. 9a TPA and have thus created risks for public health that had never been posed by a medicinal product before,

• they not only permanently withheld elementary information on the minimal to complete lack of protective effect of the mRNA «vaccines» and the actual risk of side effects from the population and the medical community, but also systematically conveyed this information in a misleading manner,

  • • of not having fulfilled the duty of post-marketing surveillance (so-called «pharmacovigi-lance») in a risk-adequate manner, but rather having permanently violated the obligation to notify under therapeutic product law (Art. 87(1c) TPA) in a serious manner,

  • • of having seriously violated the prohibition on the advertising of therapeutic products (Art. 87(1b) TPA),

  • • of having satisfied the corresponding elements of an offense under the Criminal Code when death/ bodily injury has occurred.

  • • On December 19, 2020, Swissmedic announced the following regarding the authorization of Comirnaty:

«This represents the world’s first authorization in the ordinary proce-dure».

This statement is simply false and represents a misleading lie, which many people still mistakenly believe to be true to this day – after all, this announcement can still be viewed on the Swissmedic homepage.


  • • In the information for healthcare professionals for Comirnaty, Swissmedic published in December 2020 that «no vaccine-related effects on female fertility, pregnancy, embryo-fetal development, or the development of offspring have been observed». This is in stark contrast to study results and warnings from the manufacturer and expert committees, which were available to Swissmedic.

  • • At the end of 2020, Swissmedic had already posted on its own website an «FAQ» ad-dressed to the public, which contained countless misleading details that Swissmedic could have recognized as clear misinformation based on the data already available in-ternally at the end of 2020.

  • …..

  • According to the information provided above, Swissmedic has approved a highly experimental and dangerous medicinal product against a disease that posed and poses no greater threat to the general population than influenza. As a last «lifeline», Swissmedic would have to prove that the somewhat higher-risk target population of elderly people and those with pre-existing illnesses would have been at least somewhat effectively protected against SARS-CoV-2. However, this is also absolutely not the case. The «vaccination» obviously fails to achieve the necessary «large-scale» efficacy:

  • As a result, this «temporary» authorization in the sense of Art. 9a, TPA means nothing more than the fact that the entire Swiss population unknowingly participated and continues to participate in the largest clinical experiment ever conducted in Switzerland (and indeed the world).

Against vaccinating physicians at the “Insel Group” Hospital
  • The breaches of due diligence obligations complained of here essentially consist in the fact that the notifying parties acting on behalf of Swissmedic (and, in principle, also the notified physicians) were already aware of countless risk factors from December 2020 onwards, each of which, when assessed in isolation, would have prevented the granting of the «tem-porary» authorization (and the administration of the corresponding mRNA injections) until the corresponding risk factors had been clarified in detail and eliminated under normal cir-cumstances. …

  • If the “Insel Group” has used COVID “vaccines” on humans in breach of the duty of care under the law on therapeutic products, has reported side effects to Swissmedic in an in-adequate manner and if the “Insel Group” has endangered or already injured the health of a large number of people in the careless use of the mRNA “vaccines”, the offences of defendants 4-8 in this regard are deemed to have been committed in 3010 Bern and/or at Friedbühlstrasse 15 in 3008 Bern (location of the Inselspital vaccination centre).



Defendant’s Argument

…More information is needed…


Relevant Prior Judgements/ Cases

…More information is needed…





Press Conference -Nov 14, 2022

source: Odysee/ longXXvids

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Philipp Kruse speaking at rally in Bern -June 16 2022

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  1. Criminal complaint (300 pages) in original German and (translated) English, French, Italian languages   

  2. Criminal complaint Summary (10 pages) – 4 languages



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