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Re: the Relevance of Prof Bhakdi`s Trial & Alleged Seditious Speech


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Statement by Irène Tokayer on behalf of Professor Sucharit Bhakdi – May 23 2023

(Translated by CoronaCases from the Rumble Video which can also be seen below)

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My name is Irène Tokayer, and I was born in Schwerin, Mecklenburg, in 1927. I am a Survivor of the Holocaust.

In the 1961 film ” Judgment at Nuremberg,” the German judiciary was on trial, represented by the (fictional) law professor and Minister of Justice Janning. The prosecution laid out how the Nazi justice system abused the law against Jews. An underage German girl had been forced to testify falsely that she had been sexually abused by her Jewish landlord, although this was not true. 

Richard Widmark as prosecutor and Spencer Tracy as judge expose this fraud. In the indictment against Sucharit Bhakdi, it is the Chief Public Prosecutor who quite blatantly tries to resurrect a case that had already been shelved, and which seems once again to instrumentalize anti-Semitism politically. This time, anti-Semitism is constructed as an accusation and thus instrumentalized. The accusation is directed against Sucharit Bhakdi, a respected professor of medicine with many significant discoveries and publications to his name.

Before Sucharit Bhakdi talks about what was going on in Israel in 2021 regarding vaccinations (and there are countless voices from Israel confirming it) he actually just invoked the Nuremberg Code (and thus the Nuremberg Trials)! He is lecturing on the legal and moral necessity of fully informed consent, which was ignored and covered up during the worldwide vaccination campaign. A campaign that was promoted and used by individuals and institutions with a proven “eugenic pedigree”. These are circles deeply rooted in Malthusian and Social Darwinist ideology. The Nazis were also convinced of such “doctrines” for humanity, which are not about inalienable rights, but about”proper parentage” and a “contribution to society.”

At 24:08 minutes of that interview from which the prosecutors selected their “soundbites,” Sucharit Bhakdi implores the German government (and all governments) not to force any human being to endure experimental and potentially dangerous injections. First then he spoke about Israel, where the pressure and coercion were indeed much, much higher than almost anywhere else in the world. However, Sucharit Bhakdi was primarily addressing the German public (and those of other German-speaking countries) to heed and bring to bear the lessons of the Nuremberg Trials and the essence of the Nuremberg Code. This deserves applause rather than an indictment! Bhakdi then addresses the speed with which things escalate once prudence is disregarded. This is a reminder of exactly what Marian Turski, president of the Auschwitz Committee, said in January 2020 on the occasion of the 75thanniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz: seemingly harmless events can quickly escalate into “another Auschwitz falling from the sky.” It is the task of society, but above all of the judiciary, to carefully examine the justification of such warnings, if necessary by hearing experts! Nothing of the sort has been done so far. On the contrary, the debate about the well-founded, consistent and conclusive warnings of Professor Bhakdi and his colleagues has been brutely suppressed. Indeed, the charges brought against Professor Bhakdi seem to serve one purpose: to silence a whistleblower by demonizing him as an enemy of the Jewish people.

The court should recall the words of the U.S. President’s Commission on the Holocaust, which declared on September 27, 1979, that “it is always the same enemy” -the enemy of the Jewish people as well as the enemy of humanity! He can be recognized, it is said, by the way he goes about it: this enemy seeks to divide society, old against young (as did the German and other governments who sought to instill in young children the fear of “killing Grandma”). Black against white (as in the global vaccination campaign, where governments first bragged to their constituents about exclusive contracts for “vaccines” -an example of which is precisely Israel -before later touting global equality because Third World countries were supposedly not getting enough vaccines. When in fact many African and Asian peoples did not want the gene shot at all). And also non-Jews vs. Jews are set against each other (as is now attempted to press Professor Bhakdi into this stereotype, when in fact he is concerned with preserving the very conditions that make us human, see 1:25:00 in the interview: Compassion, Love, and Community).

Yes, Professor Bhakdi warns in his speeches against a repeat of the Holocaust! So do I! And so do many other survivors in our documentary “Never Again Is Now Global.” The Chief Public Prosecutor should study closely the “Report to the President” received by Jimmy Carter from Elie Wiesel, an Auschwitz survivor and chairman of the Holocaust Commission on that momentous September 27, 1979. The report was prepared by a high-level commission that included many Holocaust survivors.

Today there are still some of us who survived the camps or escaped the Gestapo. This report refers to them as the “messengers and guardians of the secrets entrusted to them by the dead.” I share the report’s concern, a concern that is obvious to anyone who listens to Sucharit Bhakdi’s interview with an open mind and an open heart:

„Not only has the moral landscape of human reality been altered by the Holocaust, but the acceleration of technology and nuclear power now threaten human existence itself. By focusing on the dangers inherent in the ends and means of a technological, bureaucratic society, study of the Holocaust and its implications can encourage a renewal of commitment to sanity and humanity“ I hope that the German judiciary will finally understand what is at stake -and that the court will have the courage to acquit Sucharit Bhakdi of the perversely constructed charge of being an anti-Semite and trivializing the Holocaust. He is the right man to know that technology has long since acquired the capacity to commit genocide without immediate notice.

However strong the pressure put on prosecutors and judges in Germany today: Let the judiciary be blindfolded, but as judges and as prosecutors you must open your eyes and look. It is there in plain sight!

May 23rd, 2023

Holocaust Survivor Irène Tokayer Defends Bhakdi -May 23 2023

source: Rumble / Alschner.Klartext.


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