Vaccine Death Insurance Case

Re: the Legality of Life Insurance claims due to Death from the Covid Vaccine


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Facts of the Case

  • Dates: Jan ?, 2022
  • Location: France
  • Court:
  • Case #:
  • Plaintiff: Family of Deceased
  • Plaintiff’s Lawyer: Carlo Alberto Brusa
  • Defendant: Life Insurance Company
  • Trial Type:
  • Judge:
  • Status: Decided
  • Verdict: for the Defendant

*updated Feb 6, 2022


A wealthy elderly man with a high value Life Insurance policy to the amount of millions of euros… dies from the covid jab. [1]

His death as a consequence of being jabbed is not disputed by the doctors, nor his life insurers. [1]

The Insurance company refused to pay the policy, citing that the taking of experimental drugs, treatments, etc., is excluded from the policy. [1]

The family takes the insurance company to court. [1]

France last year (2021) put in place a health pass that prevents people without a PCR test or proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, cafes and other venues. The government wants to turn it into a vaccine passport that means only the vaccinated can have a health pass. [2]

note: The case was published by the family’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, on social media. Unfortunately, no sources or court records are given. [4]



This case legally confirms that death from the vaccine is possible, despite many claims by politicians tot he contrary. It therefore puts into question the logic and reasonableness of mandating such an inoculation to the entire population.


Plaintiff’s Argument

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Defendant’s Argument

The insurance company stated the policy clearly states that deaths from experimental medicine are the same as suicide, and it doesn’t need to pay out. [3]


Relevant Prior Judgements/ Cases

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The judge stated, “the experimental vaccine side effects are publicized and the deceased could not claim not to have known about them when he voluntarily took the jab. [1]

There is no law or mandate in France which forced him to be jabbed. Therefore, his death is essentially suicide”. [1]

(Suicide is explicitly excluded from this particular policy and in fact from all life insurance policies in general.) [1]

“The court recognizes the classification of the insurer who, in view of the announced side effects, including death, legally regards participation in the phase three experiment, whose proven harmlessness is not given, as voluntarily taking a fatal risk that is not covered by the contract and legally recognized as suicide.” [3]



  • Canadian former premier of Newfoundland Peckford and co-author of the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights on his blog wrote: [1]

This has been the finding of a major western world court system and there is zero doubt that insurance companies world wide will cite this case as legal fact. [1]

Therefore, if anyone ever challenges you on whether these jabs are experimental or not, and that neither the pharma companies, nor govts, nor anyone else but YOU are responsible for accepting them and if you die, legally you have committed suicide. No insurance, no payouts, no refunds. You are on your own! [1]

  • In Austria as of Feb 1, 2022, it’s mandatory for all citizens to take the Jab. [1]
  • The French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday , Jan 4 2022, he wanted to “piss off” the non-vaccinated. [2]

“I won’t send (the unvaccinated) to prison, I won’t vaccinate by force. So we need to tell them, from Jan. 15, you won’t be able to go to the restaurant anymore, you won’t be able to down one, won’t be able to have a coffee, go to the theatre, the cinema…”

The expression “emmerder”, from “merde” (shit), that can also be translated as “to get on their nerves”, is considered “very informal” by French dictionary Larousse and prompted immediate criticism by rivals on social media.

  • Actuaries have been warning that rising claims will be eroding the capital which insurers set aside to avoid insolvency. Notably, older people do not take out life insurance, which means that the claims have been from younger clients. Insurers say that they expect a rise in excess deaths. [4]
  • According to Alex Berenson, the risk of injury or death from the jab is exceptionally high judging from Canadian data. [4]
  • The refusal to pay for a vaccine-related death may not be surprising since globally the life insurance industry has been hit with reported claims of $5,5 billion in the first nine months of 2021 versus $3,5 billion for the whole of 2020, according to insurance broker Howden. [4]
  • Dutch insurer Aegon, with two-thirds of its business in the US, said its American claims in the third quarter were $111 million, up from $31 million a year earlier. [4]
  • Vaccine deaths may force insurers to raise premiums and some have indicated that they intend to punish the unvaccinated for their financial woes. [4]

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