Vaccine Fear Criminal Complaint

Re: the Legality of the Media & Politicians to lie to & manipulate the public about the safety & efficacy of the Covid Vaccine


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Facts of the Case

  • Dates: Nov 4, 2021
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Court: Judicial Court of Paris
  • Case #: ??
  • Plaintiff: The Association & The Association Internationale pour une Médecine Scientifique Indépendante et Bienveillante (AIMSIB) & Mr _.
  • Defendant: ??
  • Trial Type: Criminal Complaint
  • Judge(s): Madam/Mister the Doyen of the Investigating Judges of the Judicial Court of PARIS
  • Expert: Dr Ariane Bilharen
  • Status: Ongoing: Currently (12-17-21) before the Office of the Senior Investigating Judge, which may wish to open an investigation into the above-mentioned facts.
  • Verdict: TBD



Focus of this complaint is on what was the role of media broadcasting of either suppressing access to treatments, or incentivizing an individual to do something that would be against her/his interest?

The lawsuit is extensive at 100+ pages with 600+ pages of Annex. The work that has been done with a group of scientists is to bring as many facts as possible forward into categories such as:

  • Are early treatments effective?
  • Is vaccination effective?
  • Are side effects present or not?
  • What is the psychological impact of the repetition of a message?
  • Are all of the parties that have played a role in this lawsuit totally independent? and have no link to the pharmaceutical industry nor any conflict of interest?

Complainants are by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous, by the Association and by the Association Internationale pour une Médecine Scientifique Indépendante et Bienveillante (AIMSIB).



This Criminal complaint is significant for its use of Expert testimony.  The Criminal complaint based in part on analysis by clinical psychologist and doctor in psychopathology, Dr Ariane Bilharen.

Author of more than twenty-five books, her areas of expertise are the psychology of power and its deviances (manipulation, harassment, authority, resumption of personal power), analyzing totalitarianism from the angle of paranoïa with a double glaze of philosopher and psychologist.

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Plaintiff’s Argument

For the charges :

  • FRAUDULENT ABUSE of ignorance and weakness (article 223-15-2 of the criminal code)
  • Complicity in EXTORTION and attempted extortion (articles 312-1 and 312-9 of the criminal code)
  • Complicity in POISONING and attempted poisoning (article 221-5 of the criminal code)


Defendant’s Argument

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Relevant Prior Judgements/ Cases

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Further Research

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  1. Summary of Documents in Support of The Complaint



Conflicts of Interest, Psychology, Coercion, Collusion, Media, Fear, Agenda, Mongering,  False Information, GAFAM (corresponds to the big 5: Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft), Censorship, Informed Consent, 1946 French Constitution, Article 11 of Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 26 August 1789, Article 10 of Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 4 November 1950, Albert Biderman Charter of Coercion, Mass Manipulation, Social Chaos, Hypnotic Trance, Political-Media Dyad, Dr Ariane Bilheran, Perversion, Paranoia, Delusion, Stanley Milgram, Covert Psychological Strategies,  France

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