Welsh Anti Health Pass Case

Re: Legality of Health Passports to place conditions on Civil Liberties


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Facts of the Case

  • Dates: Nov 9 2021
  • Location: Wales, UK
  • Court:
  • Case #:
  • Plaintiff: Big Brother Watch
  • Defendant: State
  • Trial Type: Expedited
  • Judge:
  • Status: On Going
  • Verdict: TBD



On November 9, 2021 NGO Big Brother Watch reported on their website that they have started the first Legal challenge against covid passports in Wales, calling it “Authoritarian, invasive and un-evidenced”.


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This is the first Legal challenge against covid passports in Wales, that would place health conditions on civil liberties such as employment, travel and potentially access to food and basic necessities.


Plaintiff’s Argument

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Defendant’s Argument

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Further Research



Why No To Health Pass

source: Big Brother Watch

Big Brother On Law Suit (Nov 11 2021)

source: Big Brother Watch


  1. bigbrotherwatch.org.uk
  2. UK Column News (November 10, 2021)



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