Fake Jab Pass Case

Fake Jab Pass Case

Fake Jab Pass Case

Re: the Legality of a Medical Doctor Certifying a Person as “Vaccinated” when they are not, in order to spare them the Dangers of Injury or Death from a Mandated Untested Toxic Injection.


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Facts of the Case

  • Dates: June 2023
  • Location: Germany
  • Court: Regional Court of Bochum
  • Case #:
  • Plaintiff: State prosecutor Tophoff
  • Defendant’s Lawyer: Wilfried Schmitz
  • Defendant: Dr. Heinrich Habig, Fatima Habig
  • Trial Type: Criminal Complaint
  • Judge: Petra Breywisch-Lepping
  • Status: Ongoing – Under Appeal
  • Verdict: Guilty (partial verdict)

*updated July 10, 2023



Dr. Heinrich Habig is a 67 year-old medical doctor with his own practice who, in dealing with patients wishing to avoid taking the Covid-19 injections for valid safety concerns, yet needing to participate in society for work or family needs, issued vaccination certificates without actually injecting his patients. (1)

Dr. Habig was reported to the police by another doctor, observed by the police for a period following which his practice was raided on 21st January 2022 and records removed. (1)

Another sad climax in the case occurred on 14 May 2022 when police officers picked up Heinrich Habig from the flat of an acquaintance and took him to the Bochum correctional institution (JVA). The 67-year-old doctor has now been in pre-trial detention there under strict security measures for over a year. Charges were only brought on 12 November 2022. The trial began in January 2023. (1)

Difficult prison conditions

Dr. Habig’s wife, Fatima Habig [who is a co-defendant, having been accused of aiding and abetting her husband] was only allowed to visit her husband twice a month under supervision for about one hour. In addition to the presence of a prison officer, the prosecutor Tophoff requested the presence of a woman who listens in on the Habig couple’s conversations – pure harassment, according to lawyer Wilfried Schmitz. During one of these visits, the couple talked about past holidays, which led the prosecution to assume that there was an “increased risk of absconding”. (3)

Due to the allegedly increased risk of escape, the 67-year-old accused was even transported to court in hand and foot cuffs, which were removed from him only shortly before he entered the courtroom. After the trial days, the doctor often had to wait for hours in the cold court cellar, also with hand and foot cuffs on, until he was brought back to the prison. Only when lawyer Schmitz for Heinrich Habig and lawyer Stefan Schlüter for Fatima Habig were called in as elective defence lawyers in February did they ensure that the shackles were removed. (3)

The two grandchildren (eight and ten years old) have only been allowed to visit their grandfather once in prison. Before his pre-trial detention, they were with their grandparents every day. Another human low point occurred on Heinrich Habig’s birthday, which was also the day of the trial: Fatima Habig took two steps towards her husband at the end of the trial day to congratulate him, which promptly led to frantic shouts from the judge for the prison officers, who then prevented the couple from hugging briefly. (3)

A partial verdict was delivered by the judge in the week of June 26th 2023. (2)

An appeal against the verdict is possible.



First doctor in Germany to be given a severe jail sentence for issuing false vaccination certificates.


Plaintiff’s Argument

As trial observers report, the prosecutor actually stated in her plea that there were no cases of severe side effects of vaccination. Such claims were “contrarian ideology”. (2)


Defendant’s Argument

In his defence, Dr. Habig invoked his oath to the medical association. According to their professional code of conduct, he was forbidden to follow instructions which, in his eyes, were against his ethos and humanity. This was exactly the situation when people were forced to be “vaccinated”. (2)


Relevant Prior Judgements/ Cases

…More information is needed…



Medical doctor, Heinrich Habig was sentenced to two years and ten months in prison for issuing vaccination certificates in 207 cases without vaccinating his patients. (2)

The trial for more than 400 other possible “fake vaccinations” will be continued in a month. If the doctor is also convicted in these cases, he could face up to five years in prison. Probably purely by chance, the law on “issuing false health certificates” was tightened in November 2021. (2)



Transition News wrote

Last week, German justice reached its nadir … This trial is not about justice, but only about making a political example to force people to obey, according to the motto: “Punish one, educate a hundred.”

Process observer and lawyer Chris Moser commented

that “The reasoning of the judgement leaves a lot to be desired … Only allegations were made, not a single subsumption. According to the court, there are no grounds for justification or excuse. Instead, the court accuses Heinrich Habig of having a ‘hostile attitude towards the law’. (4)(5)



Speech in support of Dr. Habig outside Bochum detention Centre -Feb 18, 2023

source: YouTube

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source: Odysee / longXXvids

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